38 Weeks Pregnant: Things I’ve Learned

I’m 38 weeks.

It’s hard to imagine that it was just Thanksgiving when we announced that we were expecting.  I’m thankful for a very smooth pregnancy thus far.  Everything is relative but I think pregnancy brings a whole new perspective to being strong, persistent and determined.

Things I’ve learned:

-Pregnancy brings a whole new level to being gracefully ill

-Some women are baby crazy and there is no changing it.  These ladies will come out of the woodwork, maybe you haven’t talked to them in 5 years, maybe you don’t even know them and they’d like to know everything…..including if you’re dilated.

-Even though you think people will hold doors for you and help you out when you’re pregnant ( and some do)… some really won’t.  I dread going anywhere without Dan because I feel like I’m going to get pushed around, especially in big crowds.

-If you’re tired, it’s okay to take a nap….. at lunch, after work…whenever.

-Listen to your body.  If your feet look like the marshmallow man’s feet, put them up.

-It is possible to overcome cravings and eat very healthy throughout pregnancy.

-Some people (perhaps men more than women) don’t know how to react to you being pregnant, especially when you are a month or less away from your due date.  They’ll ask crazy questions like, “so, you’re still pregnant?”…. and say things along the lines of, “Wow, you are really getting big”.  I’ve learned to take it as an aknowledgment and nothing more.

-Even if you take your prenatal vitamins and calcium, etc… your teeth can still break, crack or fall out.  I’ve never had an issue with my teeth.  Introduced a Pita chip in trimester 3… and I’m missing part of one of my molars.  What. the. hell.

-On a bad day, pants are the devil.  On a good day, you’ll feel like wearing a dress anyway.

-You can wish to go into labor as much as you want, it still won’t happen until it’s time.

-When in public, spot the closest restroom.  It may not be essential upon arrival but chances are, you’ll need it before you leave.

-Comfort does not equal sleep and sleep does not equal comfort.  You’ll miss sleeping on your stomach, I know I have.

-Making lists is essential to remembering to do things.  The list gets longer, learn to deal with it.

Saying that I’m in constant anticipation of when this sweet baby will be making it’s arrival is an understatement.  I’m excited for the journey ahead and certainly hope that you find a laugh in some of the things that I do share.

Happy Day to all of my friends, followers and fellow bloggers.


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