Top 5 Things that BETTER make it to the hospital

Packing my bag for the hospital has quickly become a pretty intense, check and re-check process to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything for D-day.  I’m sure when it comes time to give birth, I won’t be worried so much about the clothes I packed.  Nonetheless, there are a few things that I REALLY want to make sure I have because they have become necessities in my every day-pregnant-life.

5. Maternity nightgown and robe-Pants are currently not my friend and having a nice, loose nightgown is the way to go. Plus, the one I got from “Oh Baby by Motherhood” is amazing and will hopefully make me look more together than I actually am!

4. Carmex-my lips are  dry, period.

3.  CamelBak Water Bottle– I can’t be bothered with having to toss my head back to drink.  This water bottle has been a serious lifesaver throughout my pregnancy and it accompanies me EVERYWHERE.

2. Hair Ties–  I have long hair and I don’t want it in my way.

1. My husband, Dan.   – for PRETTY obvious reasons.  He’s my rock.

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