Baby Shower

This past weekend, my Mom and sister threw me and baby boy a baby shower.  Even though it wasn’t an outdoor shower, the weather still cooperated and it was a really nice day. I’m a sucker for small details and simple things so this shower was perfect. The menu was full of delicious favorites including:  homemade barbecue sandwiches, a baby fruit bowl, strawberry English scones( made by Dan), an awesome chocolate cake with coconut and butter cream frosting, etc.

I could stop laughing at this baby fruit bowl… I mean seriously is it not so cute and hilarious?

Baby Fruit Bowl

I was also a big fan of the blue themed, white chocolate covered popcorn.  Because of how cute it looked and it was pretty darn tasty too.

Ready to Pop Popcorn

It was really nice to be surrounded by family and friends.  I cannot believe that we are just about 4 weeks out from my due date.  Well, I can kind of believe it but it really has flown by.  I received some really nice gifts and am VERY thankful for all of them.  I’m sure you will hear me talking about them in the coming days.

My sister scored our son his first swimming attire and although some may think it’s ridiculous….. every child needs to be ready for summer splashin’ around!

Baby Howard swimsuit


Another item that I’m SUPER pumped to have gotten is the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib.  The amount of research that I did for a travel crib/ pack n’ play is out of this world.  I was searching for a few things… 2. time frame of use 3.  space and size.  Obviously safety is very important but in recent years there have been some consumer reports in regards to safety issues for other types of travel cribs.  This travel crib is VERY easy to set up as I displayed a couple of times in front of people… 🙂  The mattress actually sits on the ground and only weighs 11 pounds.  A few other great features of this product include;  ability to unzip the entire crib cover and machine wash it, the crib carry bag doesn’t count as an over-sized item for airplane travel so when we fly we won’t have to be paying extra to take it along.  Thanks to my Mom and Dad for this, if only I could fit inside and take a nap because that mattress seems pretty darn comfortable!


photo 1


                                            Thanks to my Mom, sister and family and friends for a really nice day!!


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