No One Ever Told Me while I was Pregnant…..

……. That many women would be obsessed with touching my belly.

That I can’t eat once I go into labor  (although when I think about it, it makes sense).

I’d end up on my hands and knees at 11pm scrubbing the kitchen floor until it shined.

I’d get the flu twice.

I’d have to ask my husband to help me out of chairs and give me a boost out of bed in the morning.

That a hot, 5 minute shower would seem like paradise.

I’d lose a connection from my brain to my mouth. 🙂

I would have a small window of time in the evening where I could do things, after that I’m too tired.

that talking about breast feeding would be an acceptable dinner conversation.

I’d sign up for more ‘mommy saver clubs’ than I ever imagined and the emails that I’d get about diapers are endless.

that I’d fall more in love with my husband for little things like back rubs and filling my water bottle up with cold water.


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