Boston Marathon 4/15/13

I just wanted to take a moment and express my deep felt sympathy towards the city of Boston and everyone that was in Boston yesterday or affected by the unfortunate incidents.  I consider Boston my 2nd home as I lived there for almost 7 years.  If you’ve ever lived there, you know that there is this passion of being a Bostonian that rings true with everyone who lives there.  It’s the first place I’ve ever lived that it’s been a big city but had this small town feeling that everyone truly cares.  Granted, all cities have their issues but I’m talking about the overall feel.  I love Boston…. the accents, the smell of downtown crossing sausages, my Bruins and all Boston sports, the crazy guy who sings the same song over and over again at the government center T stop, the anticipation of waiting for the green line hoping that it’s your lettered train, feeling the ocean breeze, only spending $20 at Haymarket but having to buy about $20 worth of gel to get rid of your sunburn from being outside and not thinking, the free seal viewing at the aquarium, paying $30 for parking so you can go to a free concert, the smell of the north end pastries and spaghetti and the list goes on and on.

Hearing of yesterdays explosions while sitting at work in Wisconsin made my heart sink.  I couldn’t help but put myself there.  The fact is, I wasn’t there and I won’t understand but I’m sure trying.  To all of my friends, previous co-workers and others who I don’t know….bless you all.  I can’t imagine what you are going through but know that I’m certainly thinking of you all.  I’m hoping that you don’t easily get wrapped up in the political and media coverage that is untrue.  I hope that if you were lucky enough to make it through the day that you hold your family a little closer and tell those around you that you love them, not just today but every day.


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