33 Weeks

Wow, 33 weeks.  So much is going on and time is just whipping by.  A couple of weeks ago we moved into the every other week doctor appointments and it has seemed to quickly become a second home.  Good thing I love my doctor!

The biggest change for me has been my ability to sleep.  While I know that it’s bound to happen once our  baby arrives, I could really go for a good nights sleep and that just isn’t happening.  My current sleep schedule allows me between 2-4 hours per night which I’ve also quickly figured out must happen within a certain time frame of 10pm-3am.  If I miss that , nobody cares and I’m awake.

My typical “shuffle around” morning routine at 3 or 4AM consists of a trip to the bathroom, some sort of snack, a quick stop on the sofa where I sit with my head in my hands until it gets heavy enough that I know I can go back to sleep.  Prudence, our cat, follows me back in to bed and if she doesn’t crawl up next to me, she does stay in the room with us until I get up for work.  Right before I fall asleep, I chug a serious amount of water only to find myself taking another bathroom break around 7am.  This, is my morning routine, almost spot on daily unless I’m able to sleep longer.

I’m still shocked daily by the amount of women who I don’t know think they need to touch my belly.  I don’t know you and you make it VERY awkward for me.  I don’t mind with people I know as much.  I recently talked with my parents about how ridiculous this is, mostly speaking of a woman who approached me at work (whom I had never met) and proceeded to touch my belly and force herself upon me.  I should have known better….. because this shirt arrived at my home……..


Pretty funny if you ask me and yes, I’ve worn this out and public.

It’s amazing how real things become when you start washing baby clothes and packing up the diaper bag.  It’s a long way from when my sister and I used to play house that’s for sure.  I will say that the best part about all of this is that Dan and I are both looking forward to it.  Yah, we’ll probably have some snags along the way but that’s bound to happen.



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