Watch My Garden Grow

If you saw my earlier post regarding planting an Indoor Garden , I’m happy to inform you that it has really taken off.  Although there is still snow on the ground and my heat bill seems to like trending as if it’s January all preparations are being made to have an amazing Spring to hopefully include an amazing vegetable harvest.

This garden has been planted for a few reasons:

1. A peace of mind knowing that what I’m putting on the table is without all of the added *insert toxins here*.

2.  It’s always good to have a tangible feeling of accomplishment and I’m using the garden as a way to do just that.

3.  This past week we bought 4 red peppers and they cost us $6.72.  So there is also hope of decreasing how much we spend on food.

4.  Being more frugal in life is important to me.  Thus far, starting and maintaining this garden has caused minimal effort and I see no reason to do it any other way.  Let’s just hope that it continues to grow.

I’m in love with the green sprouts I’m seeing and wanted to share them with you!





Isn’t it just gorgeous?  I’d admit I’m pretty proud.  Soon I’ll be transferring to bigger pots and will of course have a post on that along with using recycled materials for planting in pots.

Happy Growing!


2 thoughts on “Watch My Garden Grow

  1. sooooooo gorgeous! I love little seedlings and sprouts! I want to start a garden soon. Last year all my seedlings died when I tried to replant them 😦 I hope I have better luck this year.

    • It’s such a beautiful thing to watch! When you transferred them did you use purely potting soil? If so, try and mix it with peat moss. A lot of the issues with plants drying out once they are replanted is that they don’t have enough room to breathe. Peat Moss will help with that!! 🙂 Miss you girl!

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