Springtime Bucket List

It’s Spring!  While some of us may live where it doesn’t quite ‘feel’ like Spring it is that time of the year to have a fresh start, take a deep breath and cleanse your life.  Here’s a list of things I’ve put together that I’d like to accomplish this Spring, my Bucket List. Hopefully you can commit to some of these or make your own Bucket List to get you off to that new refreshing start that we all need.

Photo Credit:  Dan Howard Photography.  www.danhowardphotography.com

Photo Credit: Dan Howard Photography. http://www.danhowardphotography.com

1.  Start a garden, enjoy and nurture it– I’m not just talking about taking a weekend to plant vegetables or flowers and hope that it grows.  I’ve started my garden.  It’s already sprouting but I know this isn’t the half of it.  I’ll be planting many flowers as well.  I’ve done a lot of reading about gardening and it’s encouraging to have so many resources to guide me in the right direction.  I challenge you all to plant something this Spring and watch it grow.  Take the time to enjoy the beauty of its growth and appreciate the work that you put into it.

2.  Add Some Spring Colors to Your Closet –  This doesn’t mean go out and spend loads of money on a new wardrobe (unless of course you want to and can afford it).  All I usually have to do is dig to the back of my closet or move my shirts from the bottom of my dresser to the top and that’s where a majority of my colorful shirts and pants find themselves in the winter months.  Bring those babies out.  For me, Spring is a time to potentially splurge on some cute colorful accessories.  Looking for a suggestion?  Try out the  Murabelle shop on Etsy.  The accessories here range from hair ties, headbands to scarves.  The colors of the items are so bright, beautiful and bold but can also be toned down to even wear during the winter.  I absolutely love the Bohemian style.  The shop also includes lace and nautical accessories.  Have a look, her stuff rocks! 

3.  Get outside for some Fresh Air –  After being held hostage indoors for the winter, unless you live in sunny Cali then I’m just jealous, head out for some fresh air.  Take a nice walk, jog or bike ride.  Consider checking out local hiking trails or paths that you have yet to explore.  There’s nothing better combining exercise with a new adventure.

4.  Prepare healthy Spring and Summer Meals – I must admit that my preparation has an underlying need since I am pregnant and am due at the beginning of June.  My goal is to make and freeze many healthy meals so we don’t get into any bad habits.  Besides having my own recipes I use these websites to give me ideas:  The Food Network and Taste of Home.  I also just came across this great blog called Momma Cuisine.  There are some great tips and recipes on here.  I just LOVE how she has categorized the recipes so it’s easy to find exactly what you are looking for.  Bon Apetit!

5.  Attend More Music Events –  It’s that time of the year where everyone likes to kick back, enjoy some great food and drinks, some social love and amazing music.  Whether it be a local coffeehouse, an outdoor amphitheater or a giant venue like summer fest, I’ve got a serious aching for some good music.  Who else is in?

6.   Make your Deck an Inviting Hangout – I suppose this would also involve #1 on this list, by planting a garden, to have some beautiful plants and flowers to give the deck a more relaxed feel.  Last year, I bought citronella candles and wiped off the table and chairs that’s as far as I got.  I hope you will all join me in making a nice, relaxing outdoor space for yourself.  Add some greenery, flowers, nice lighting and some colorful cushions….. kick back and enjoy your Spring and Summer at home just as much as you do out and about.

7.  Finish Up Time Sensitive Crafts – Did you start a project this winter with all intentions of being able to use your creation during the Spring and Summer?  Let’s all set aside time to catch up on those fun and creative crafts that will make our lives easier and give us a finality and sense of accomplishment heading into the warm months.  I’ve got a baby afghan and baby hats on my list to finish.  Let’s finish these things together!

8.  Time for Some New Makeup – Spring is always fun because new fun makeup colors are out.  I’m a HUGE fan of any coral colors.  I’m currently wearing a light purple color on my nails and it makes me feel better knowing that this vibrant color will surely soon show up in blooming flowers and summertime clothing.  Go on…. treat yourself, we all deserve it!

9. Changing Your Smell(s) –  Probably a weird way to say it.  I find Spring to be a great time to truly bring light, fresh smells into your home and around you.  I’d love to say Lavender is one of them but I’m  allergic.  I’m sure this would be a great idea for all of you!  I’m not a huge fan of ‘fake’ flower smells so I tend to stick with citrus and fruity odors.  Lemon is one of my absolute favorites and I think I’ve had it throughout the house since mid-February.  This is also the time of year that I tend to go for lighter less invasive perfume or body spray.  I’d even suggest looking into essential oils.  They are wonderful and a natural way to bring good smells into your life.

10.  Get Ready for Flea Markets, rummage sales and the Farmer’s Market – One of my greatest joys is heading out to a good flea market or rummage sale and coming home with amazing finds.  I think it’s safe to say that Dan and I very much dig “old” things.  We like history and we definitely like having things that are historical in nature.  I can’t even wait for this amazing season to begin.  My plan is to seek out all of the towns’ websites in the area and mark down their city-wide rummage sales, the days that they have farmers markets and any special events that include antiques, vintage items or any flea markets.  If anyone has any great tips, send them my way!

Ah yes, Spring is here.  That’s my Bucket List and I hope it’s inspired you to either do a few of the things I’ve listed or make one of your own!


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