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While on a recent rant, wondering why all of our food has so many “extras” in them I’ve gone to a whole new place of reading labels and paying more attention to what I put in my body.  I’m not perfect and I certainly love me some junk food but I’m slowly learning that I can create my own kind of “junk” food and I’ll know what is in it.

It all started when Dan picked up a loaf of bread and we read ALL of the ingredients.  Seriously, grab your bread right now and look at it.  What is ‘Thiamine mononitrate’ and why is it in my bread when all bread is flour, yeast, water, sugar and milk?  I’m not preaching to anyone I’m simply observing and without having a huge discussion about it we both kind of vowed to pay more attention to what we are eating.  A few things have happened since this realization;  1.  I’ve found myself cooking at home more.  2.  I’ve found myself actually enjoying cooking at home  more because I know I’m preparing healthy meals.  3.  I’ve tried making new things and impressed myself (and probably family) with my abilities.

With the never-ending preparation of a sweet baby being in the house, I’ve decided to take a VERY far look ahead and try to prep for our entire summer by starting a garden.  I did and am still doing a lot of research and reading on the best ways to go about this whole “garden” thing.  In my past years of being a ‘city dweller’ I’ve only had tomato plants and some pretty flowers to make my yard (and it was pretty much the measurement of a yard) look delightful.  In my research, I’ve seemed to come across the idea of having a year round garden.

With the idea of having an indoor garden comes quite a few supplies and I’m not about to break the bank when I’m trying to be healthier and save money by having a garden.  So, I’ve started a little stash of reusable containers that would normally be put out in the trash or recycling that I will turn into gardening pots. (more to come on that).  Normally my mind would have told me to individually plant ever single seed into a separate container.

Instead, I found a Jiffy greenhouse to start all of the seeds in. jiffy greenhouse I wasn’t entirely sure about the whole idea, mostly because it’s something I haven’t done before but for $12 I decided to give it a whirl.  This was amazingly easy.  Just read and follow the directions and anyone can do it.

Fully planted pellet greenhouse

Fully planted pellet greenhouse

Up close pellet with Green Bean Seeds

Up close pellet with Green Bean Seeds









I ended up planting in 72 pellets.  I planted 12 different types of vegetables including; green peppers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, green beans, radishes and more.  The whole idea of lightly watering the pellet and letting them expand and then planting was a really cool way to go about planting.  I planted 2-3 seeds per pellet and it took a little over 30 minutes to finish the 72 pellets.

It’s been 3 days and i must say I am SO impressed with this system.  The directions read to only water the pellets when they have gone dry and since 3 days ago they aren’t dry at all.  I have them currently sitting in the kitchen where the greenhouse gets a good amount of light but not direct sunlight until all of these seeds sprout.  I was anticipating the excitement of my garden post would come at a later date, perhaps closer to Easter but it’s been 3 days and I’ve got quite a few sprouts.

Day 3 Sprouts

Day 3 Sprouts

Day 3 Sprouts

Day 3 Sprouts









I’m looking forward to tracking the success of this indoor garden.  I’m especially looking forward to having some homegrown vegetables that I know are healthy and good for me and my family.


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