The Great Book Find!

A couple of weeks ago, Dan and I found ourselves on another adventure.  No matter where we are, one thing that we always look out for are great finds whether it be at a normal retail shop, thrift shop, antique store or beyond.  Some people are against ‘used’ items.  I have my limits set but books??  Used books are not something that I myself wouldn’t read and I definitely don’t have a problem with used children’s book (after I give them my little inspection of course).

Previously, when we have stopped at thrift stores I’ve found children’s books that looked like they had been put through the washing machine, the binding was destroyed, were previously used as coloring books or there wear and tear really wasn’t worth the cost of the book because at any moment the pages could fall out.  If you aren’t opposed to used books, ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’… HA!  Seriously though, page through the entire book it’s very important to make sure pages are intact and haven’t been ruined.

Imagine my surprise when not only a found books but an entire book section at a thrift shop that was arranged nicely for browsing and had some books that most likely can’t be found or retail between $10 and $20 each.

Small Inventions Book1.  The first book is called “Small Inventions”.  This book talks about all sorts of little things that have been invented in order to advance.  Granted, you aren’t going to find the iPhone or recent tablets in this book but inventions are inventions, right?  Scored this book for 80 cents.





IMG_71722.The second book is called “Little Bear’s Trousers”.  This is the only paperback book of the selection we bought but I couldn’t resist for two reasons.  First, the illustrations are magnificent and the book is in pristine condition.  Second, instead of the word ‘pants’ it uses the word ‘trousers’.  Dan is from England, typically using the word trousers for pants so I was glad to find this book.  This book was a whopping 25 cents.




IMG_71733.  The Hare and tortoise  How could I possibly turn down this classic book?  Not only was the Hare and the Tortoise in this book but other great classic stories. Price…. 80 cents.






IMG_71744.  The next book for a solid $1 price tag was a compilation of stories including Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Puss in Boot and Aesop’s Fables.  Another book of classic stories that I just couldn’t pass up.






IMG_71705.  Giant Treasury of Beatrix Potter.  Need I say more?  This book hardly looks like it was used, cost us 80 cents and if you know anything about Beatrix Potter books you know that the illustrations are gorgeous.  Needless to say I was VERY happy with this find.





Three other books ranging from 80 cents to a dollar a piece include a kids Atlas, and words to know books.  In my opinion, books are an amazing investment and if you find the right stories, they don’t change so it doesn’t matter if the book is new or used.



8 books for under $8???  I’ll take it!!




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