Favorite IPhone Apps during Pregnancy

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve found myself even more intrigued by all of the different apps that even exist.  Here is a list of apps that I have used throughout pregnancy to either help me or entertain me.


1.  Flipboard– I think the best way I can describe this app is, ” a social, informative news app”.  You can add your facebook and twitter accounts which is a nice feature but I really enjoy the news stories that fall under many categories.   Flipboard allows you to set up your own personal profile and choose from categories that interest you anywhere from technology, style, photography, travel, music and even the Parents Magazine.  I’ve found it very resourceful and informative.  It has also been a good way to keep up with current events since my sleep schedule is weird and I often miss out so flipboard has been a real lifesaver in that regard.


ruzzle2.  Ruzzle–  Simply put, this app is a word game that you can play against your friends or random people.  It’s kind of the electronic version of boggle.  I use it to keep my brain from going to mush.  People who play against me may beg to differ but at least I’m trying!




what to expect3.  What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker– I’m sure this goes without saying but this helps track your pregnancy based on your due date.  I love it because it reminds me where I’m at in my pregnancy and also gives weekly and daily tips.  It isn’t an overload of information but just enough to educate about things that are changing and great tips to keep me feeling great.


flashlight4. Flashlight –  I know it seems silly but if you’ve ever been pregnant, you know getting up in the middle of the night for your lovely bathroom breaks and being exhausted can cause you to be a bit delusional.  At least I feel that way sometimes so having a handy flashlight on my phone has helped me make sure I don’t kill myself on my journey.  Probably silly, but I use it.



hotels5. Hotels.com App–  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this website in a previous post.  The App?….even better.    Being pregnant hasn’t stopped Dan and I from doing a bit of travelling.  This app, stores our details for each stay, tells me which ones we have coming up, gives me any new deals….and the best part is that it stores the reservation number.  With all of the forgetfulness of being pregnant, I just have to log in and VOILA… all information available!


I’m sure some of you might have thought that I might list a whole bunch of pregnancy apps but too be honest, I think most of them are pretty similar you just have to find the one that works best for you.  The above 5 apps are the ones I have found myself using the most.

Any apps that you are just loving right now?  Let me know!


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