Confessions of a Pregnant Lady: Part deux

Self Portrait - 24 weeks pregnant*rocky themed music*

The countdown is on and while I’m more excited each and every day, I’ve still got a whole list of “confessions” that I’m ready to get out.  Now being in my 3rd trimester, body still changing, baby growing and moving and people realizing I’m due soon the way I feel about SOME things are not entirely valid but it’s just where I’m at right now.  I’m still sleepy but not as much as I was before.  I was engaging in caffeine intake based on what I was told I could have and then a few weeks ago decided to cut it out for the most part.  Don’t take away my Yorkshire tea though, that’s with me for life now.

Some days, doing my hair is making sure I don’t have any bumps in my ponytail.

Sleeping patterns are interesting.  I’ve seemed to master the weekend afternoon nap very quickly.  I’ve also resorted to the fact that being tired is how it’s going to be and instead of trying to invest all of my time in the question, “why am i so tired?”… I’m just going to invest in some good concealers so I don’t look like death.

Food:  Another interesting part of life at the moment.  Unfortunately, Dan no longer relies on my taste buds as they change hourly.  Bless him that he’s pretty understanding and as long as I’m not eating a large pizza and tub of ice cream (which I don’t know if that’s actually happened), he will typically try what I’m hungry for.  If not, we both kind of make our own meals and sit down together.  I understand why he’ll have his own….. i’m sure the idea of couscous and corn for breakfast probably doesn’t excite the average person!

This young man sure likes to move and move a lot he does.  It makes me happy to be able to feel him having his Olympic swims and even happier that Dan can now feel him move as well.  I imagined and imagined what it would feel like and I’ll tell you what, you just can’t imagine the feeling.  I’ve come to the terms with my insides being squished, I get that.  But feeling like there is always something in the back of my throat and that I can’t breathe, yah that’s not one of the most favorite parts of this whole pregnancy thing.

Baby socks…. if you read my last confessions blog, you know that I have an issue with their cost.  I still do.  Less fabric should equal less money, right?

I have my moments when I’m walking through a crowd and people are pushing and shoving and I just wanna rip my shirt off my back, point at my stomach and yell…. “Can’t YOU see I’m pregnant, watch where you are going!!!!!!!”.  Instead, I typically move my over-sized purse in front of my baby belly for protection and just carry on.

Still don’t have a crib, sue me.

I’ve had my fair share of candy and winning out above everything at the moment… MILK DUDS… big time.  Gooey, Chewey, chocolate, caramel goodness.  You just can’t go wrong.

I should probably take a step back with Prudence, our cat and have her be more independent since she’ll need to be that way very soon.  But what am I supposed to do, shove her out of bed when she jumps up and calmly taps me on the face so I move over for her to snuggle in?  Can’t do it.

I went to a breastfeeding class, I was the only person there.  Very educational.

I come and go with cleaning episodes.  I usually take the week off and on the weekend am on my hands and knees with lysol wipes, cleaning away.  I rearranged the food cabinet….. for fun.

I’m so glad that’s it’s still cold out.  I get quite warm lately and I’d be dying if it was the summer.

My ankles are swollen and  the bottoms of my feet itch.

I think I waddle.  Dammit!

While I used to not be afraid of a confrontation, I very much avoid any type of confrontation right now because I’ll probably be emotional about it and that’s just silly.  Something good has really come of this though, I’ve learned to calm down and relax easier.

I wonder how our son is going to do driving around with all of my shoes in the back seat….. just kidding, but I should really probably bring some of those in the house.

I really want an ice cold beer.  Ummm, I think the last beer I had was over 2 years ago but I’m craving a dos equis….. and that’s just ridiculous.

I’m still feeling so thankful for family and friends who take good care of me, keep me in their thoughts and send me nice messages. …..

and Dan…. he’s one of a kind.  I haven’t shoveled, I haven’t carried groceries or any bags, he’s escorted me like a shuffling old woman through the snow and rain and more than ever he’s just been there asking me how I am, am I ok, do I need anything.  🙂


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