You have Now Entered the 3rd Trimester

Wow, it’s the third trimester of my pregnancy.

The good news:  I’m feeling better than ever, things seem to be right on track and I find myself becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of having a sweet lil’ baby around every day.

The bad news:  We’ve got about a thousand things to do in the next 3 months and while I’d love to just run all over and get these things done, sleep seems to be a number one priority.  I suppose the biggest thing on the list would be to get the nursery painted and purchase furniture… just a minor detail!

I’ve found myself quickly becoming a serious list maker because otherwise I forget something.  Before I was pregnant I’d like to say that my memory was something I would put on a quiz if asked, “What are you good at?”… now, I’d never tell anyone I can remember a thing.

I’ve researched how to get a cat ready for a baby.  If you know anything about our sweet cat, she’s pretty much a baby herself and I want to make sure she is included in the whole process.  It’s been quite interesting learning about different things to do to let your cat know that theirs a baby on the way.  One being to play a baby noise CD including crying, screaming etc.  THAT should be interesting.  I was hoping there would be a way to train Prudence, our cat, how to change diapers, nothing discovered yet! HA!photo

She has quickly adapted to my napping schedule so let’s hope she adapts to everything else.

Next week all of my OB appointments pick up and Dan and I start going to the doctor every two weeks instead of once a month.  Thank goodness it’s almost spring and having to worry about travelling in bad weather will soon disappear.

Who’s got tips and tricks on preparing for your babe?  I’d love to hear ALL about it!!


One thought on “You have Now Entered the 3rd Trimester

  1. Seriously cannot believe you are in your third trimester!!! I am loving your updates. Wouldn’t it be nice to train a cat to change the diapers?? haha. Keep looking for that!! lol.

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