Proctor and Gamble Samples

It’s the little things that get me so excited and to say I was overjoyed when I went home for lunch today to find more samples from ‘Proctor & Gamble’ is an understatement.  I signed up on P&G Every Day mostly as a website for reading reviews and getting great tips and tricks from anywhere to’ getting out those stains’ and’ parenting’.  I’ll never turn down free samples so when I got to that page I signed right up!

I will say, the amount of free samples that I get from P&G is incredible.  Usually with other sample suppliers, I’ll get one small packet which is still great.  Wait until you see what I got from Proctor and Gamble :

Proctor and Gamble Samples  March 2013

All of these goodies made me so happy.  Included in this sample package is:  Ultra Downy infusions fabric softener, Crest #D White toothpaste, 1 Tide Pod Capsule of Detergent, 1 Tide boost vivid ultra concentrated in-wash booster, Downy Un-Stopables in-wash scent booster, Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner-each 1.7 oz bottles and a packet of coupons for more P&G products.  Yes, all of that was included.  No, I didn’t pay for any of it.

A few reasons why I like free samples:

1.  They’re FREE! 🙂

2.  It gives me a chance to try out new products without spending money on it before I know if I like it.

3.  Allergies, I have them and sometimes I’m allergic to  things I don’t even know about.  So, it’s kind of like a science experiment for me.

I’m super thankful that these samples even exist and even more thankful for what I will get out of it.  photo 5photo 4photo 3photo 4photo 2photo 1


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