St. Patrick’s Day Medallion

St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun and colorful celebration.  Below is a fun tutorial for making a St. Patrick’s Day Medallion, either to wear or to use for a treasure hunt.  Be sure to check back in a couple of days for the treasure hunt that will be posted.  It will be quite universal so you should all be able to use it for your friends and families!

1.  Get all of your supplies together.  I tend to buy extra because when ribbon is on sale for 50 cents, I don’t mess around.  So for this project, I’m using glitter, sequins, glue, craft scissors, small wood circles, ribbon, pipe cleaners  and jewels.

medallion supplies








2.  Next, I started my Medallion off with green sequins lining the edge of the wood craft circle I picked out.  Some people use card stock or paper for this.  I chose a wood disc because sometimes paper becomes too saturated with glue and you have to wait a long time for drying in between each layer.

photo 4








3.  Bigger jewels are always a great way to make something look a little fancier and also gives the medallion a centerpiece.  Putting 4 of the jewels in the middle of the wood circle, I did put extra glue so when I pushed them down it oozed out the sides.  This is for the green glitter that I want surrounding the jewels.

photo 1photo 3








4.  I then took purple and silver sequins and mixed them up and glued them between the green sequins and the center jewels.  As you do this, you may find excess wet glue or the sequins not covering everything up.  Just use glitter to fill in all of the missed areas.

photo 4








5.  To add a little extra flair to my medallion I decided to use some green ribbon and purple pipe cleaners to make it a bit bigger and make it stand out even more.  I first took the green ribbon and looped it on the back of the medallion (make sure everything is dry on the front first or you’ll end up with a lot of sequins falling off of your medallion).  I looped this evenly in four places and then did the same with the purple pipe cleaners.

photo 1photo 2








TIP:  gluing pipe cleaners can be tricky because although they look as though they may be successfully glued down, give them a few extra minutes or you’ll find yourself starting over again… and again… and again!

photo 3








6.  The end result is a beautiful medallion that you can either choose to add a pin to and wear OR make up a treasure hunt and hide it for people of all ages to find.  What a great way to get all of your friends, family or even sometimes towns will have medallion hunts.

photo 1


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