Valentine Candy Jars

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

What an amazing day of love it has been.  I just wanted to share a quick little Valentine’s Day gift I put together.  It’s quick, simple and easy to do.

photo 1

Step 1:  Find some jars.  I’m a bargain shopper and containers and jars can be quite expensive but I suggest looking at your local dollar shops or thrift stores.  They have the unique different jars.

photo 2

Step 2: Pick out some ribbon that you will use to tie around the jars.  I decided to use red for the gents and pink for the ladies

photo 3

photo 4Step 3:  Time to make your gift tags.  Grab your card stock.  Along the edge, I marked every 2 inches as a good measuring point for the length of my gift tag. Use your best judgement for the width and cut them to your desired size.

photo 2

Step 4:   Grab your gift tags and a pen or marker and put the recipient’s name on them. (In this case, I chose to use a dark gray card stock and a white gel pen-which kind of gave it that chalkboard effect).

photo 5

photo 1

Step 5:  Take your ribbon and measure 1 piece for each jar at approximately 34 inches (use more pieces if you want).  Wrap the ribbon around the jar twice, leaving the two ends to attach the gift tag.

Just poke a small hole into the back side of the gift tag and pull the ribbon through.  Then, tie a nice bow to keep the lovely tag attached.

photo 3

photo 4

Step 6:  Don’t forget to fill the jar with candy.  That’s the best part, right?

Step 7:  Give them to the people you love!  Enjoy!

photo 2


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