Westby Snowflake Ski Jump

For me, Life is all about experiencing new things OR continuing to experience them in different ways.  I essentially “grew up”  going to the Westby Snowflake Ski Jump.  My mom worked for a local radio station at the time and would broadcast the jump while my sister and I were given strict orders to sit in the back of our old school, bright red, Chevy Blazer, to drink hot chocolate and stay as quiet as possible.  I can’t remember a year that it was ever warm and this year was no exception.

Although my mom no longer works in radio and broadcasts this event, Dan and I decided to attend since he had never been to a ski jump and I haven’t been in almost 15-20 years.  How was the weather? Let’s just say that we were covered in snow by the time we left and thank goodness they had bonfires or my eyes would have been frozen open.  It’s really nice that no matter the weather, everyone knows it’s winter, it’s cold…..it’s Wisconsin.  So, bundle up and head out.

Ski Jump

Ski Jump

Not the best photo that I could have gotten of the Ski Jump but it was snowing like mad and I had to take a quick snap before my phone was drenched.  

Forget your hat?  No worries, they've got you covered...literally! :)

Forget your hat? No worries, they’ve got you covered…literally! 🙂

photo 5

We went to the Friday evening festivities, hence the bonfires.  From what I’ve heard this is a fairly new addition as the event used to be on Saturday and Sunday but is now on Friday and Saturday.  I loved it.  Stand as close as you can to a complete stranger, dance to keep warm (near the bonfire), enjoy an adult beverage if you want and watch some awesome ski jumpers from all over the world including the USA team.

One of us grew up in the cold Wisconsin weather...one of us, did not!

One of us grew up in the cold Wisconsin weather…one of us, did not!

Sometimes when you are right next to an amazing event that goes on every year, you forget how neat it really is.  Don’t forget to take full advantage of local events, you’ll miss them when either you’re gone or they are.



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