I Made Homemade Bread!

…… and I only took one picture of it.  What an epic fail to all of you, I know.

I was just so excited about the idea of even making homemade bread that I just got to it.  It all started when Dan and I started paying a little more attention to labels.  It’s kind of shocking to see everything that is put into the foods we buy.  So, when we can control what we put into something by making it from scratch; as long as there is time, we thought it might be worth a try.

This normally should include amazing step-by-step photos of how I made the bread but I’m not about to take credit for an amazing recipe I found:

Make Homemade Bread-Without a bread maker

I’m so proud that it turned out and just as I made my first cut into one of my loaves, I realized:  “oh no! I didn’t take any pictures!”.  Behold, my amazing loaf of bread!



This weekend my baking Sunday WILL consist of making bread again but this time I will be adding cinnamon, raisins and etc.  Seriously though, try this recipe, if I can do it…. anybody can!


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