Dental Visit during Pregnancy


I’ll admit, I didn’t plan on going to the dentist but it happened.  A couple of weeks ago, the day we had our ultrasound, I also had 4 other appointments that day, one of them being an eye doctor’s appointment.  I felt like I was going blind and just wanted to be reassured I wasn’t.

While sitting in my eye doctor appointment, I feel a small, hard piece of “something” in my mouth and the next thing I know I’m feeling a small hole in one of my molars in the back.  My first thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”  I thought I might wait it out but then I decided that I just wasn’t sure how bad it was and called the dentist.  They were able to see me right away.  When I got to the dentists’ office I slowly dragged my feet and everything went into slow motion as you can imagine the dentist isn’t my favorite place to visit.  On a quick sidenote:  I had never been to this particular dentist, Dan has so it was more about the unknown.

Fast forward to this week and I found myself back in the chair getting two fillings repaired.  I was super hesitant about going to the dentist while being pregnant.  The amount of opinionated resources out there can really scare you and make you think that you aren’t making the right decision or you are doing something wrong.  So make sure you do your research:

-Talk to your OB doctor.  They will let you know if it’s okay.

-Be sure to communicate with the dental hygentist and your dentist that you are pregnant.

-Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything.  I did, and I found that I learned quite a bit.

-If you are going to look online, use reputable resources:  The American Pregnancy Association being one of them.

One of the main concerns of pregnant women is the medications that will be given to numb the area.  As suggested above, speak with your OB doctor .  It is also suggested that if possible you have the needed dental work done in your second trimester so for me, it was perfect timing.  I can’t imagine that holding off and having an infection would be good for my baby.

Since the medication and the amount used is of main concern, although I was well over what I could have been given, I chose to be administered the smallest amount.  What a perfect time to practice being able to handle a bit of pain.  Well, that’s the way I looked at it.  I love my dentist.  She asked me how I was doing the whole time and she could tell when it hurt and tried her best to go easy.  I could feel the majority of the work that was being done but that was my choice to try to deal with it and have less medication given.

I  suggest making sure that you enjoy going to the Dentist that you are seeing, especially during pregnancy.  I would also not wait to go until you have a problem because mine could have probably been avoided.    I had a good experience and while my mouth is still a bit sore, my mind is at ease knowing that my needed dental work was taken care of with very safe measures.

*** I do not claim to be an expert on dental work during pregnancy, this is purely my opinion***


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