Babies Online-Free Bracelet

Through many of my searches of sweepstakes and signing up for free baby products, I ran across the website:  It’s another website that answers your questions during your pregnancy and the “what do I do once my baby is born?” questions.  They also have some great links to free items plus coupons.

For those of you who enjoy making their own onesies with iron-ons they even have those.Check these out—->Free Iron Ons.

They also have a place where you can subscribe to many parenting magazines if you are interested in that—>Click here for Subscriptions

My favorite thing is that when you subscribe to their newsletter, you get a cute “livestrong” type bracelet that is pink and blue and says “Mommy-to-Be”.  They will send it to you in the mail.  I really just wanted to subscribe to the newsletter.  I forgot that I would be getting the wristband and it showed up in the mail yesterday.

photophoto (1)


Click here to receive your free bracelet! 

Some people may think it’s silly to have.  I, on the other hand thought more on the idea of safety and it’s a cute little bracelet that reminds me I’m going to be a mom and makes me smile.  Safety?, you ask?  If I’m out on my own and anything were to happen to me, most paramedics are trained to look at your wrists for a medical bracelet, this could potentially help them know that I’m pregnant.  This obviously isn’t a medical ID bracelet and isn’t mean to be that but I like it!  You know you want one!!!




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