Boppy Review

As promised, my review on the Boppy Pillow I bought.  For those of you just tuning in,  check out my Boppy Blues post.  As a reminder, I purchased the ‘Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow”.  Dan and I had been away for the weekend and came home to two boxes on our front porch; my boppy pillow and some camera gear for Dan.  We grabbed our boxes and were both so happy.  I then found myself in bed before 9pm because I needed to test this ‘holy grail’ of pregnancy pillows out.

I wanted to write this review the morning after I had just tried it out for the night but decided to give it a couple of weeks.  This pillow is great.  As I write this blog, I’m actually sitting with part of it propped up behind my back and the longer part is under my legs.

Let’s start with my expectations:

-an occasional good nights sleep—— Sleeping has been a lot better lately.  I still wake up early and feel tired but that’s too be expected.  

– less leg and ankle pain as this pillow will provide more support for that—–I haven’t been kept awake with any ankle and leg pain in a while.  It’s actually worse when I’m sitting in a chair. 

-I sleep on my left side and I’m hoping this pillow will allow less aching of my left hip.——My left hip is fine, definitely getting enough overall body support from this pillow.

-Longevity:  I’m hoping this will last through nursing and I will not have to buy another pillow.—-I haven’t quite reached the “longevity” point of the pillow but I sense that it will last me quite some time.  

Other things that I love about it that I didn’t even think of;

-The pillow doesn’t make me sweat.  It just serves the purpose of a pillow, it doesn’t make me warm or cold and i would imagine that with a full body pillow some of them really make you warm.

-I can actually get it back into the plastic zipped bag that it came in so I can travel with it.  When’s the last time you took something out of a package never to get it back in again????

-I would never know that the three parts are connected with velcro-it’s super strong and I’ve even forgot at times that it comes apart.

The best advice I could give to anyone thinking about buying one, don’t wait as long as I did.  I use it to sleep at night, on the couch to relax and have taken it to my parents house so I can be comfortable there.  I love, love, love it!

Boppy Pillow (picture credit from website)

Boppy Pillow (picture credit from website)


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