The Boppy Blues

I finally broke down and bought a Boppy, a pregnancy pillow, if you will.

Is it necessary that I have one?…not really.

Do I think it might help me be more comfortable?…Potentially.

I don’t have it yet and will for sure be doing a review once I receive it.  I’d like to share my expectations of this pillow before I try it and we will see if it lives up to what I’ve researched.  I think I read reviews for a good month or longer before I decided (aka Dan said “get one so you can sleep, will ya?)to get this particular pillow.

I purchased the ‘Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow”:

Boppy Pillow (picture credit from website)

Boppy Pillow (picture credit from website)


Reasons why I chose this pillow as opposed to other options:

-It comes in three pieces so I can put together any combination based on how i’m feeling and what makes me most comfortable.

-It’s 100% cotton and machine washable..hurray.

-One of the sections can be used as a nursing pillow so I kind of got a 2 for 1 deal.

-I don’t think this pillow will take up the whole bed allowing Dan to still sleep comfortably and not have to feel suffocated by pillows surrounding him.


Things I’m expecting and hoping for:

-an occasional good nights sleep

– less leg and ankle pain as this pillow will provide more support for that

-I sleep on my left side and I’m hoping this pillow will allow less aching of my left hip.

-Longevity:  I’m hoping this will last through nursing and I will not have to buy another pillow.


My pillow is currently in Georgia (been tracking that bad boy) and I’m excited for it to arrive.  Stay tuned for my review on this Boppy once I receive it!



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