Baby Neutral

May God Bless all of you parents that allow yourselves to be surprised on the day of delivery.  I don’t know how you do it because the anticipation is killing me.  Dan and I have decided that we will find out the sex of our baby as long as our sweet child cooperates.

I completely respect anyone who decides to wait.  I will say this though, “how do you do it?”.  We have been looking for baby neutral clothes and it’s quite difficult.  Apparently boys and girls both like ducks.  The only things we have seemed to find that are baby neutral are yellow with ducks on it.

Found at Motherhood Maternity

Find this lil’ duck bodysuit at Motherhood Maternity! 

Alas, we did buy a couple of things because we couldn’t resist the sale prices and we have also gotten white baby undershirts and onesies because I know those we will use.  I was hoping to score some great Christmas and/or winter outfits since our baby will be 6 months around that time and everything is on clearance right now.  I. thought. wrong.

So many things to think about when buying baby clothes.  How much do I need?  How much is too much?  Will this even fit my baby?  Is it going to last?  What’s the best brand of clothing to buy?  When is it okay to splurge on clothes?

I’ve decided that we will buy the essentials and go from there.  VERY soon, we should know if our baby is a boy or girl and hopefully all of those amazing deals we saw in the last two weeks are still around and we can take advantage of them.  Apparently having a baby is expensive?  (I’M KIDDING), so why not save when you can!


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