Scratch and Sniff-17 week post

The Christmas week brought us to 17 weeks.  There are two main things that I have noticed this week:

1.  My Skin- I am so itchy it is out of control.  I know that in the winter we all typically need to “lube-up” more often because it is much drier.  I’ve read about this whole itchy skin thing and I knew it was bound to happen but seriously, one day my skin was fine and the next day I woke up and was an alligator.  On a fun little sidenote, I actually have an issue with contact dermatitis and no doctor has been able to figure out what actually causes my allergic reaction when I come into contact with it so I have to be VERY careful.

Things I have found to help me out in making sure my skin stays healthy include using lotion on a daily basis.  I can only use a few kinds because of my own allergies.  I use burts bees baby lotion or Aveeno sensitive skin the most.  Another thing that I use is olive oil.  I use it in the shower and it really hydrates my skin.  If you ever make your own body scrubs this is one of the ingredients (i’ve never made my own but Dan has made some for me).  Another thing I’ve done is to get a washcloth wet and put it on my skin and that has helped.

2.  Smells-  Eww.  My whole day can be ruined by a certain smell and it’s different from day-to-day.  I’ve actually stayed on the theme of not being a huge fan of anything too warm and enjoy raw veggies and fruit.  So, smelling vegetables or meat cooking is not something that makes me hungry.  I do think this whole smell thing could easily be paired with the fact that I had the flu on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Wasn’t the best holiday I’ve ever had but I was still around friends and family.

On a side note, although this is definitely so important:  I want to give a shout out to my awesome husband, Dan.  He’s been so great and wonderful through this pregnancy; getting and making me food, always packing up the car whenever we are off somewhere, making sure I don’t fall… EVER, giving me all sorts of hugs, carrying and lifting everything at all times and just being the supportive person that he is.  Thank you, you’re the best.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends!!


One thought on “Scratch and Sniff-17 week post

  1. Sorry you are so itchy!! that is the worst feeling. I usually get really dry skin in the winter and sometimes get “scratch attacks” in the middle of the night. It’s terrible. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must be feeling.
    p.s. can’t believe you are 17 weeks!! Almost halfway

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