First Comes Snow…..

….then comes me falling.  Seriously, it’s getting a bit ridiculous.  The amount of times I fall in a year is out of control.  Ask my previous co-workers, my friends and definitely my husband. In the last year and a half, I fell down the stairs at least 3 times and that isn’t including all of the freak accidents that happened.  One fall was while I was in England;  I got my suitcase ready as we were packing up from our cottage we had been at for a week and were heading somewhere else.  Dan thought I threw my suitcase down the stairs, let’s just say my suitcase made it down the stairs and landed on top of me.  Dan tells the story MUCH better.  The second fall was when I had just moved back to Wisconsin and was living with my parents; I was headed to the gym and fell down the stairs tumbling towards a hard wood door.  Don’t worry, it stopped me.  OUCH!  The third was on new years day, 2012.  I fell down three steps at our house and I broke my right foot in three places.

Needless to say, grace definitely isn’t my middle name.  There are a few things I avoid in order to be sure I make it to my 30s.  If I need anything carried, pretty much anywhere, Dan does it for me.  I don’t haul laundry up and down the stairs, he does, I haul myself.

Yesterday, we had our first snow that actually stuck around in some places.  I slipped and fell, of course.  So, I decided that enough is enough and It was time to get some new boots.  With not a lot of options in our town, we headed to Wal-mart and I did find a pair.  Behold… hopeful fall savers…..:


Are you prepared for winter and all of the snow?  It’s coming……. don’t wait!!!!


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