16 weeks

We are now at the 16 week mark and besides the gloomy weather I’m starting to feel much better.  I’ve officially moved in to leggings and preggo jeans.  Here’s a few things that have come up in the past week or have existed longer but I haven’t discussed it.

1.  Migraines:  These. Are. Brutal.  I’ve gotten headaches before but nothing quite this horrific.  I suppose it has to do with the fact that I can’t take the miracle in the green bottle (i.e. Excedrine Migraine).  I’m so glad I have a great OB doctor who gets back to me right away.  My dad discovered a homeopathic pill for migraines and it does wonders so I just confirmed with my doctor it would be ok to take.  It is, and I don’t go ANYWHERE without it.  I was also started on a daily magnesium vitamin.  I strongly urge that you discuss with your doctor but this works wonders for me now.  I still get migraine’s.  This past weekend, due to my head caving in,  I took a 3 hour nap, I can’t remember the last time that happened.

2.  Itching:  I’m awfully itchy everywhere, especially my stomach.  I know this is due to stretching but I never expected it.  Due to a lot of my ridiculous allergies I have to stay away from quite a few different types of lotion so I use olive oil and sometimes baby lotion.  It works and makes me feel better.  I’ve thought of putting a wet rag across my stomach for a bit to see if that might help.  Does anyone else have suggestions?

3.  Cold Food Please:  I’m not really interested in anything warm.  I’ll eat it but it doesn’t fill my appetite.  I’d prefer salads.  Fresh, cold salads.  I have the same issue with drinks.  They need to be refrigerated for me to really quench my thirst.

I’m still tired a lot and feel that an afternoon nap would do me wonders but alas that cannot be at this point in time.  I’ve really learned that when I get tired, I just gotta slow down.  I can’t seem to be on my feet as long and frankly shaving my legs is a task all in itself.  I’d rather be sleeping! 🙂  I’ve learned something from this, I simply need more tights!


2 thoughts on “16 weeks

  1. Migraines are the WORST! My OB did fill out a prescription for a pregnancy safe migraine medicine. I haven’t had to fill it yet since my migraines actually stopped after my hormones figured themselves out around 8 weeks. I also was given advice by a friend to increase my salt intake (probably most doctors wouldnt’ agree) but given I have low blood pressure I did try it and it seemed to help. Worth a try–plus what preggo doesn’t love an excuse to eat some pickles and potato chips. 🙂

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