Christmas Decorating

It’s that time of the year again.  We kind of slacked this year with decorating for Christmas but we did get everything up last week.

Last year when we took down our outside decorations, my intelligent husband took everything down, and kept it all together so it was a pretty quick task to put up.  Thank goodness it was still together  because since we did wait a while, our chosen day was right after the first snowfall.  Excellent planning, I know.  Intelligent me didn’t take a photo of this but we have garland with poinsettia’s and white lights, it’s pretty I promise.

Until we feel the need to buy a fake tree, we do purchase a real tree and are happy to do so because the money goes to the local volunteer fire department.  We had to wait a little over 24 hours for our tree to thaw and fall.

Dan putting the star on our tre

Dan putting the star on our tree

After we got our tree all decorated we cleaned up all the needles and put the tree skirt on.  I swear our cat, Prudence, knows.  She just knows when it’s time.  Here is where you will find our cat until we take down our Christmas tree…….

Prudence Enjoying our Christmas Tree

Prudence Enjoying our Christmas Tree

I have yet to figure out if it’s the lights, the smell, the ornaments, the fact that she has an immediate kitty fort, the comfy tree skirt or simply the fact that it’s something new she can take ownership over.  Whatever the case, it’s adorable and I’m glad she appreciates the tree being up as much as we do.

Going through the ornaments, I’m always extra careful with certain ornaments as they are near and dear and I’d probably have a serious cry fest if some of them broke.  As Dan and I had just finished talked about ornaments breaking, we brought in our finished tree with a bang….



Thank goodness it was just a “generic” ornament.  We laughed and moved on with cleaning up…..VERY CAREFULLY.

After the tree was decorated, I set up our nativity scene.  I especially love this because my mother gave it to me.  She got it from Mexico, I think Cancun, when we were there…… 25 years ago??  I grew up seeing this nativity scene.  Once again, Prudence was in desperate need to be, not only a part of the tree, but included in the nativity scene as well.

Kitty Nativity

Kitty Nativity

Had a great time decorating and I’m lucky that Dan always helps.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope that before the new year begins you have time to reflect on your past year and enjoy well spent time with your family and friends.


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