15 week Check Up

My how a few weeks can make a difference.  I just had my third prenatal visit yesterday.  It went great and seeing Dan smile when we hear the heart beat warms my heart.

I’m happy to report that my morning, noon and night visits to the glorious bathroom are no more and I can happily enjoy more foods.  I’m recently obsessed with a black raspberry drink that I just can’t seem to get enough of.  I’m always up for fruit and this is how I get my sweet fix during the day.  The idea of lots of hot food makes me ill.  3 weeks ago you couldn’t have paid me to eat veggies, NOW…. it’s all I want.  Just give me a salad, please!  Nice greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots…anything really.  I feel so good.  It actually started to make me feel a bit uncomfortable for a while that I did feel so good.  I wondered if something was wrong because I was feeling so good.  After some serious research, apparently this happens to a lot of women, especially when they have had a difficult and nauseating first trimester.  My appointment yesterday made it so much better just hearing my doctor say, “looks good”.

I’ve found it quite interesting to hear other people’s opinions about having a baby and things they would or wouldn’t do.  It’s intriguing how people differ in the ways that they would or will choose to do things differently.  I will say, and I’m people who do have children can relate, some of the advice I’m really not interested in.  Some people’s advice I hold near and dear but getting advice that I don’t feel is needed or I didn’t ask for seems a bit crazy.  (Mostly from people who didn’t talk to me until they found out I was pregnant)   All in all, I know some people are excited and just trying to help out so I’m not getting too worked up about it.  Question for other moms out there… “how do you handle all of the advice you get or have gotten?”

You may wonder why I’ve had no pictures on here of my baby bump?  To be honest, right now it just looks like I had too many garlic bread sticks at Olive Garden.  I’ll get some up once I look like I’ve actually got a baby chillin’ in my stomach.

Much Love 🙂



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