First Trimester Favorites

Now at 14 weeks, I feel like I love a lot more things than I did even 3 weeks ago.  I’ll be honest, when some of my friends have been pregnant I didn’t fully believe that they didn’t want to eat certain foods.  I’m sorry, I get it now.  

Because of my recent inability to have a good memory, I’ve decided to put together a list of my top 10 favorite things from my first trimester.  Some of these things may seem like weird combinations and that they are.  I can’t really say I’ve had tons of cravings…it’s been more like, what can I eat that sounds good and will most likely not come back up in 20 minutes (sorry, that’s the least graphic way I could think of saying it)

10.  Orange Juice-One would think that the acid would just make me more ill but I found it quite tasty and soothing.

9.  Cheese Sandwiches-  That’s right bread and cheese.  I’ve always loved cheese but I have a new found love for this sandwich.  (Don’t forget the pickle on the side….it makes all the difference)

8.  Popsicles ( or as my sweet husband calls them ‘ ice lollies’)-man they are good.  I’m not talking about the kind loaded with sugar.  I’m talking fruit ones, lime or strawberry are my favorites.

7.  McDonalds French Fries-Sue me.  I think this was because of my lack of salt intake and as Dan said… “did you know that in England when it snows they throw down mcdonalds fries to get rid of the ice”…it’s a joke, but I believed it for at least 10 seconds and said “…..really?….”.  

6.  Grapes- preferably green, but they just tasted so yummy. 

5.  Raisins-  great snack that I felt gave me enough energy to make it through my sleepless nights.

4.  Breakfast bars- not really one of my favorites but seemed to be a staple food to help me through the day.

3.  Yogurt-only strawberry.  Don’t try throwing another flavor at me or it won’t be pretty.

2.  Crushed Ice-it just seems better than cubed ice and anything cold seemed more soothing to me than anything.  

1.  Peppermint-candy canes or anything else peppermint.  I’ve always like them but it’s turned into a real love now.  I even brought in a peppermint candle to work.  Lucky for me it’s close to the holiday season so I wasn’t questioned too much on that choice.  


So, that’s my list of all of my favorites.  I will say, the majority of these foods I loved before I was pregnant.  They just seemed a bit more appetizing to me in the past 3 months.  


2 thoughts on “First Trimester Favorites

  1. Wait until you polish off a whole angel food cake or want something ridiculous like a cheeseburger with sauerkraut and almonds. Disgusting. Yet, I was completely guilty! Enjoy this time Sarah!

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