Spur of the moment…

So, this post may not seem very ‘spur of the moment’, because it was over a month ago that this actually happened.  My blog has totally slacked and I could easily just pick up where I’m at today but a lot of fun has been had in the last two months… so buckle up and get ready to see a whole bunch of posts.

This post was a spur of the moment weekend trip with my parents, sister and her fiance.  We ended up at a flea market, a pumpkin patch and then somehow found ourselves in Wisconsin Dells mini golfing, riding go karts and at the casino.

Dan picking his pumpkin


As mentioned earlier, after leaving the pumpkin patch, we headed to Wisconsin Dells…….at 3pm in the afternoon.  Why not? 🙂

Dan after his Go-kart ride with the boys

Watching the boys race! (we opted out)

Dad mini golfing

Mini-golfing, as always was a ton of fun.  My sister and I happened to tie and win.  Please note, first time ever we’ve won over our Dad and I’m pretty sure it will be the last.  I got pretty lucky.

Just a quick overview of our spur of the moment trip.

Who else likes to just take off for the day and do fun stuff??





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