International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yesterday, September 19th, was International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  I decided to include my co-workers in the celebration for the day.  I printed off a “pirate dictionary” and shared it with them for their preparation-(although, I think the majority of them thought I was joking)- until they saw newspaper pirate hats on their desk.  I used to work with kids, I don’t anymore but I just needed this day to be a fun one and so……

I made these for everyone in my office:

Newspaper Pirate Hat

There were a few great parts to the day;  1.) all of my co-workers participating by wearing their and talking like pirates .and  2.)The photos that we took (which I won’t be posting just because I haven’t asked them if it’s okay)  BUT-I think the best part of the day, hands down, was when someone called me at work saying, “ARRR!, this is Cap’N Pete from Pete’s Emporium”, I started laughing and said, “ahoy-hoy, what can I help you with?” and he replies, “oh nothing, I just wanted the chance to call you and talk like a pirate!”  So, whoever you are, thank you for making my day.  My day was truly filled with many, “Arrr”, “ahoy”, “matey”, and “scallywag” lovin’.

On top of talking like a pirate, one of my co-workers so kindly pointed out that you can change your facebook to the language of ‘English(pirate)’.  Go on, you know you want to do it.  Everyone is a Cap’n and instead of clicking that you “like” something it says “Arr!” instead among many other great pirate words.

A short post but such a good day that I had to say something about it.  Who would have known that a bunch of newspaper hats would make so many adults happy?

Arr! Ahoy Matey

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