Apple Orchard!

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year where going to the apple orchard is even considered.  Alas, we have reached mid-September which means harvesting time!  We didn’t plan on going to the orchards but it was on our drive home from the Vernon County Fair.  My parents joined us on our short jaunt to the Sunrise Apple Orchards in Gays Mills.  If you are from the area, you know that it is THEE place to go for your apples, cider, apple donuts, jams, jellies, Amish candy, cheese and more.

There’s always something special from Wisconsin!

It was actually a pretty warm day and the bluffs were gorgeous as usual.  The leaves haven’t quite turned color yet but you can see them starting.

The Goods

We ended up sharing some honeycrisp apples, Cortland apples, honeycrips apple cider, cheese curds and apple donuts with my parents.  Mom grabbed us some paper shot glasses(Dixie cups) and we sat outside enjoying the nice weather and fantastic orchard snacks!

There’s a cute, small playground with picnic tables, where we ate, and there is also a sweet sign that you can stand in front of year after year and get your photo taken in front of to see how tall you are each year that you come back to the orchard.  New tradition created! 🙂

I have a feeling we are going to have to head back to the orchard in early October because we are thoroughly enjoying our apples on a daily basis.  They are so juicy, crisp and delightful to eat.  Make sure you get to an orchard this Fall.  Be sure to check your local orchards for information as many crops have been coming early this year due to the extreme heat in July and August.  Anyone else have plans to head to an orchard soon?


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