Time for a change

I’ve gotten behind on updating my blog.  I’m sad that I have.  Dan and I have done a lot of really cool things but how would you know right?  So, today is the day.  Time for a change or should I say changes.  I went to my most favorite salon in the world today, lucky for me it’s about a 5 minute drive to my lovely paradise.   The best way to describe my hair before  is ‘courtney love-the bad years”, my blonde was just starting to grow out, in a sense was telling me…. “summer is overrrrrrr!”, so I decided to give in and go a little darker.

As you can see, the before is to the left and after is to the right.  My day got a whole lot better after this.  So here is to changes (plural because I’m going to be updating my blog too!

Ahhh, it’s Thursday Night Packers vs. Bears… GOTTA GO!!!!


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