Civil War Reenactment: Boscobel, Wisconsin

Often, we all try to go on exotic vacations and very costly trips.  When planning these getaways, we often miss events practically in our own back yard.  Dan and I have  really found a huge thrill and enjoyment in attending war reenactments.  In September, we will be attending our first event as participants and we are overjoyed to be able to experience an event as reenactors.

The first weekend in August, we attended the Civil War Reenactment in Boscobel, WI.  This reenactment is hosted by Muskets and Memories and the specific reenactment was celebrating its 20th year.  I enjoyed this for a few reasons:  the price, the activities, the food.    The price was $8 per person but when you go with a large group it is $6 per person.  Both of our families were available and in town for this, so we all went.  (Mom and Dad Steiner, Mum and Dad Howard, Rita,  Janet, Josh and Nan)

Other family was walking around and/or standing for the event

There were great food and drinks.  The homemade Root beer and lemonade were fantastic.  I’ve never been to a reenactment that didn’t involve fried cheese curds or fry bread (come to think of it, when I’m in Wisconsin, I’ve never been to any event without cheese curds), and they didn’t disappoint.  The shops really had some great items from raccoon skin hats, jewelry and time period appropriate clothing.  There were even authentic guns, ammo and patterns for making your own clothing.  I especially enjoyed the horses being on site.  I can’t remember being at a reenactment  that has had horses involved before.  After the reenactment was over there were medical history demonstrations which were very nicely executed and a lot more educational than I anticipated.

It was nice to spend an afternoon with the Steiner and Howard families, showing them what Dan and I enjoy.  I could go on and on about this but Dan’s photos are really a tribute to what a great day it was.  I can’t get over how well he portrayed the days events.

Please click here to enjoy his amazing photography.

If you have never been to a reenactment or you don’t think it’s something you would enjoy, I challenge you to go and at least give it a chance.  Have an open mind and check it out.

Event Links and Resources:

Midwest Weekends-civil war events throughout the upper midwest

Wade House: 22nd Annual Reenactment

Civil War Traveler-List of events throughout the year


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