Wedding Center Pieces

With our wedding quickly approaching…18 days…. we got to work on our center pieces.  I’ve really tried to be consistent with the rustic feel of our wedding and I’m not sure you can get more rustic than making your own center pieces out of jars and branches.  I’m proud, not embarrassed to say that our supplies were purchased at a local dollar store, a rummage sale and some were found in our front yard.  Needless to say, this project definitely didn’t break the bank, another reason why we decided on them.

Supplies above include:  Ball Jars, raffia, river rocks , tree branches, white candles, and a glue gun.

Before we could start assembling things, we had to do some prep work.  Dan took care of cutting all of the branches.  Each branch was cut at 20 inches.  I started getting all of the jars ready to go.

For this specific part of the craft, make sure that your hot glue gun is on a low temperature.  My glue gun only has two settings, “hot” or “cold” but if you have a high-tech gun you may have more options.

I glued all of the candles to the bottom of the ball jars to avoid any movement of the candle.  Unfortunately my hands aren’t quite skinny enough to fit inside the jar, so I used a handy pair of “ChefMate” tongs.

Next I poured the rocks into the ball jar, around the candle.  If you are going to attempt this craft, I would suggest putting rocks up to the half way mark of the candle.

Raffia was the next part to tackle.  I used three to four pieces for each section.  I tied the sections around the rim of the jar and also about and inch off of the bottom of the jar.  The raffia is being used for two purposes:  1.  to go with our theme for our wedding  2.  to hold the branches we are about to tie onto the jars.(oh, the suspense!)

Dan got all of the branches cut to size.  Then he scrubbed them all down to clean them and also to get any of the loose stuff off of the branches.  By this point you might be wondering what the point of the branches are.  For Christmas, Dan made me homemade picture frames, which I love, and so we are replicating that as part of our center piece.

In order for the pictures to stay, Dan hammered three nails into the top of the branches.  They sit about 1 inch out of the wood and take on a triangular shape to weave the photo in between.  Tie the remaining raffia from the jars around the branches (now made into picture holders) and we have our final product!

I can’t even wait to put these on the tables!!


6 thoughts on “Wedding Center Pieces

  1. I did my own wedding centerpieces, too. Mine weren’t quite so fancy though. In fact, I still have them in my basement all these years later. Gotta love doing things on the cheap – but the important thing is doing what you love. Good luck!

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