Feelin’ a little “Beachy”

It’s been almost one year since I moved back to Wisconsin for the east coast.  Let me say, both places have their pros and cons.

Things I miss about Boston, MA:

  • all of my good friends
  • culture. everywhere
  • music, music, music
  • good eats around every corner
  • I could drive an hour and be at the ocean or an hour and be in the mountains (give or take)
  • The Bruins
Things I don’t miss about Boston, MA:
  • The 8 mile drive to work taking 30 minutes
  • People complaining about the weather and saying “well, it IS New England”… clearly having never been through a winter in the midwest
  • Paying an obscene amount of money for rent
  • Paying to park
  • Sirens.  All the time. EVERYWHERE.

I will say that one of the major ‘beauty’ things I miss is the flowing beach hair I’d get just from living near the ocean and smooth skin from the natural exfoliation of the sand.  Conquering flowy, beach hair when you don’t live near the ocean, is near impossible.  As I sat at work today, I was saddened that my hair was no longer able to get its “flow” on.  I had a good think about what would make this beach hair possible and decided to give it a try myself.

Check out all my ingredients:

-Green Spray bottle from Wal-Mart:  99 cents

-TRESemme Conditioner

-Morton Seal Salt (Coarse)

-Olive Oil

-KIWI Colorflector blow silk

-Moroccan Moisture Argan oil

I looked online to see if anyone else has made their own and the typical response was to use salt water.  I got some of my information from here.  I decided that since I know my hair better than anyone else, I would use the products that I think would work best for me along with the things I have learned through the years.

First, I scooped 1.5 teaspoons of coarse morton salt into my green spray bottle.

Next, I put 5 pumps of my conditioner into the bottle.  For measurement purposes, we are talking about 2 teaspoons.

Following that; put 2 teaspoons of olive oil into your spray bottle, fill your spray bottle with water until it is approx 3/4 full, add 1/4 teaspoon of the KIWI blow silk.  I added the KIWI blow silk for two reasons:  1.  For it’s amazing smell 2.  I thought if I decided to blowdry my hair it would balance out the salt being put into my hair(be careful if you do try to make your own, you don’t want to overuse it as salt will dry out your hair).  In this particular instance, I didn’t use the Argan Oil.  I do think it would be handy to use if you are looking for that extra shine and would be blowdrying your hair.

Be sure and scrunch your hair either with your hands or a towel.  My hair was a bit damp before I sprayed my hair and I do think that helped.  So, check out my before and after, hopefully you can see a difference!!!

Before and After 


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