Wedding Doors

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have my Mom offer to help out with my idea for our big wedding celebration(you thought we were already married?? we are.  more on that later).  I wanted to create a backdrop for us to be married in front of.  I didn’t want it to be the usual thing, it needed to stay with our ‘rustic/vintage’ theme and it needed to be low-cost (mostly because I just don’t feel like spending money).

Supplies I needed:

-3 doors

white paint

paint brushes


sand paper


-2 saw horses

My Dad gave me the doors, there was white paint in our basement, we have paint brushes, my uncle let me use his sander, the tarp we had and my Dad also let me use 4 saw horses.

Ok people, these doors- They are heavy, REALLY heavy.  They weren’t at our house and I’m so thankful that my Uncle Lee was willing to help me get these doors but he also hauled them on his trailer to my house. On top of that, he’s creating some sort of brace to hold these bad boys up…woot!

Uncle Lee with the wedding doors

I don’t have to be the first person to tell you that it’s hot outside.  Frankly, if you are anywhere in the United States of America at the moment, you’re probably rehydrating reading this blog and if you’re not…drink some water, will ya? 🙂  Anyway, it’s been between 95 and 107 degrees. H-O-T!  My mother and I may not have been super intelligent for trying to tackle this outdoors but in retrospect, it only took 5 minutes for the paint to dry…maybe!

Mom starting to sand down one of the doors

The first door with white paint-minus the “aging”

Mom and me:  She thought it was a good idea to hold our tool in the photo!

Painting another door (I promise that I did some of the work too!)

I hope that many of you can see this vision like I have.  We aged 3 doors and they will be standing up behind us.  Should give us that real rustic/vintage feel that we are going for.

I said earlier I would let you now about our whole marriage celebration.  Dan and I are both blessed with amazing families.  We weren’t able to celebrate previously and so we are having our big “TAH-DAH”, at the end of July.

I bet you are wondering what the finished product looks like?  Well, minus the braces to stand them up… here ya go!

Don’t tell me I missed a spot, there’ supposed to be that way!!!


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