State Park Pride

Dan and I recently headed out to Wyalusing State Park.  We mostly wanted to just get out of the house and see something different. Growing up in the area, I was shocked that I didn’t remember the area and in a later conversation I found out that I’d never been there.  Like many newlywed couples, although we would love to book an extravagant vacation to Tahiti, it currently isn’t in the budget and we don’t believe you have to spend tons of money or drive cross country to really enjoy yourself.(That being said, I’m sure there will be future posts of our vacations together).

When we arrived at the gate, we were told that there was a cost to access the park, just like most state parks.  It was $7 for the day or $25 for the year.  We both looked at each other and immediately agreed that the $25 would be worth the money.  Plus, we get a sweet sticker for our front window that says we are 2012 members!!

Proud New Wisconsin State Park Sticker Owners

  I got my info from HERE.


State Parks throughout the state host many free events throughout the year including; tours of the parks, nature art, history hikes, meet the ranger, meet and greets with different animals, etc.  While many people may not find that too attractive I think it is just the thing to calm down after a long week at work, isn’t far from our home and allows us to pack a picnic (or grab subway) and take a quick 15 minute drive.  There are 15 other state parks within a 2 hour drive and I’m hoping we will be able to head to these soon!

Below is a list of many of the states that I would use their State Park system, based on my previous trips to these places.

Minnesota State Parks

Colorado State Parks

Massachusetts State Parks

Vermont State Parks

Annual fees vary from $25-$100 per year depending on the state, amount of people or if you are registering more than one vehicle.  We’ve only been to one state park, twice….but that’s $14 we would have paid for two separate visits but instead paid $25 for the entire year and it’s only July!


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