One of those days.

I had “one of those days”, this week where I just needed I nice cool, fruity drink.  I found myself craving my own homemade Sangria, a recipe that I made myself and quite frankly love.  A lot of people really enjoy red Sangria.  I, however, cannot get away from this white stuff that I have conjured up after many years of testing over…and over… and over. 🙂

The ingredients

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have really good fruit and the right ingredients. Spend more money on fruit, less money on wine.  My recipe includes:


White wine-typically chardonnay


Peach schnapps



Apples (3 different types)

Grapes-always slice these bad boys in half

Other Ingredients include:  ginger ale, lemon juice and lime juice.

It’s really important to let your fruit start soaking as soon as possible.  I typically put the wine in the pitcher immediately and then begin cutting up all of my fruit and toss it into the pitcher.  The longer the fruit soaks, the more blissful of a sangria experience you will have.

I made this Sangria on Wednesday night and of course I had to try a glass right away.  It always hits home for me and reminds me of a lot of good times I have had with family and friends near and far.  Of course it’s Thursday, my fruit has been in the Sangria for a good 24 hours, so I thought that I should make sure that it tastes okay and yes, yes it does.

If you would like the recipe for my Sangria please feel free to contact me by putting a message on here or sending me an email to:  isarahtakeyou {at}gmail[dot]com

Thanks and enjoy! 🙂


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