May I Introduce Mac&Cheese&Peas :)

Mac&cheese&peas is a fantastic blog about Healthy Living including food and fitness.  Amy, the blogger, and a dear friend of mine is a true inspiration as she has embarked on running races that I can only dream of, although will some day in the next year attempt to run at least a 5K.  She is a great source for awesome recipes.  Some blogs don’t always take you step by step but macncheesenpeas really does and it is so easy to try yourself.  I encourage you all to give her some love and check out her blog:  Mac&Cheese&Peas .  She also has just recently started her facebook page, so give her some serious love and go on over and give her blog a big huge “LIKE”.  You can check out all of her latest posts there.  Like her facebook page here!!  Below I have included a few of my favorite posts by her.  Who knows, maybe we will be sharing our recipes back and forth for all of our dear friends to enjoy!!

My top 3 favorite Mac&Cheese&Peas posts!

1.  Tuna Salad with no Mayo??  How can you go wrong?

2.  Choosing a race!

3.  Learning How to food shop on a budget!

I hope you all love these as much as I do.  I found the food shopping post really comforting.   A lot of people want to eat healthy but it becomes almost impossible when a McChicken is $1 and strawberries are $3.  I find this blog uplifting, motivational, and a great zen read that doesn’t intimidate but encourages me to healthy.  Hope you all enjoy as much as I do!


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