Bridal Shower

I was lucky enough to be thrown a bridal shower this past weekend by my sister, cousin, aunt and mom.  It was very beautiful and was a Saturday afternoon Tea Party.  The attention to detail was just gorgeous and I loved it.  You might be saying, “wait, I thought she was already married”.  You are correct I am.  A lot of our family wasn’t able to join us at our wedding so we are having a celebration this July.  It was so nice to be thrown a bridal shower and I found it overwhelming.  The guests truly out did themselves and their gift giving was so generous.

One of the very cute Tea Cups

Another cute Tea Cup decoration

Me with my lovely sister and cousin

My husband also went above and beyond and made me some amazing Cream Tea’s to take with for the occassion.  I’m going to track down a photo and upload that soon!  They were delicious.

A big thank you to everyone who was a part of that day.  It was truly amazing.


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